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My uncle called me a few days back and I got to know that my cousin is getting married. Yippee!!! The feeling was immense; the thought of seeing him dressed like a groom was blowing me in air.  I thought how his bride would be and what all we are going to do, and stuff like that. But suddenly my smile changed in despair with the thought what would I wear, that is exclusive, real and traditional as well. The entire shopping spree is so tiring and especially when you’re working. After all I’m groom’s sister, I need to look good and get noticed. Excitement got my nerve and I pledged to look like true sister to my loving brother. Preparing a shopping list is so tiring. But I got to do it anyway.

The list went on and on, from designer lehenga to matching jewellery, footwear, makeup accessories. Gosh, marriages are not an easy process, it’s an accomplishment achieved. I must confess it took me three long days to what I wane wear. Wish it was simpler to get things done in a marriage. How outlandish on my part? Sigh….. Can’t sit back and relax. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride lady. The list is ready but now issue is where I would get to buy this stuff. In this weather, with Delhi traffic, and lot of shopping bags…uffff…..seems like my head has already started boiling. I was searching for a place where I would find everything thing I need, just one place, in one day, all work done (remember I’m working).


Just few days to go and I’m not yet prepared. God!!!! And heck it’s on Gandhi Jayanti. Gandhiji couldn’t be happier than this. Lol. Happy Marriage bro. hey gotta get ready for the D-Day. Hope that I look rocking..  😛






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Enjoyed being unemployed rather than messing up with my career!!!!   Leave a comment

Well, to start with this is not a new story but the same old problem of unemployment in our country. I completed my MBA in 1st week of May and was jobless for two months. It not that i’m not getting jobs. But the real thing I didn’t got anything that would suit my interest. So, as a matter of fact i understood I should change my interest level. lol. My classmates, most of them are facing similar situation. They are not getting what they want and finally are settling for what they even hate to do. Just for people to know that today’s youth is struggling with fear of rejection because there is a hell lot of competition. Many of us don’t know where are we heading, are we on the right path. This is the reason why people choose a wrong career and it takes them years to mend their mistakes. But i’m still full of hope, though my parents, my sister, my friends, everyone, pressurizing me to do any job that I get hands on so that I could earn some pocket money and be independent. I know what I want but only because I’m not able to achieve it and facing difficulties I can’t leave that path. I’m totally disappointed by their viewpoints. Because I believe once u took a wrong path its very difficult to find the right one. On the contrary if you spend sometime in figuring the right path you won’t have to struggle much in crossing the hurdles because you have carefully analysed the pros and cons involves in it. Unexpected things would happen but then whats life without challenges. So, I want to tell people live your life to the fullest and keep on trying for what you believe in and you would get it one day.

 This was pretty much from my heart, so please don’t conclude anything from it. Your views may differ mine. Its just that different folks have different strokes. But you can share your views on this for sure. And to add to this now I’m happy employed person enjoying my work and quite contended.

Best of luck to all.




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Happy Birthday to Akshay Kumar!!!!   Leave a comment

I would love to wish Akshay Kumar a warm birthday with a hug. He’s my Favorite and he is adorable. I don’t care what people say about him but I like him and would always have a soft heart for him. He’s cute, funny, charming, handsome, lovely, okay okay I know it’s little over the top but I like him yaar. Anyway, lets not talk about it anymore.


But I’ve to mention after watching Bodyguard I wanted to die. Oh GOD!!! What a pathetic movie don’t know how it became such a big grosser. Have people lost it or Salman craze is more than the reality that the movie didn’t carry a story line. BTW, Kareena ooppssss!!!! Divya fell in love with her bodyguard(Salman) just because he saved her life. And I thought that was the job of bodyguard. And our bodyguard was no less he fell in love with a strange phony girl, Chhaya (arey our Divya) just because she said he looks handsome and she likes his body and said I Love You. I mean what kind of love story was that specially in this generation. Weird!!!!  wwwwooooohhhhhh!!!!!!!  😛
No offence to Salman but Kareena did it again. Her faltu ka rona dhona and natak was unbearable. Yuck, there was no romance between the pair. The film actually ended with Both of them togther with a kid as a token of Salman’s love that he made to Divya’s (Kareena) best friend. Cool na!!! At the end of the movie you actually think what happened dude??? I’m here for the right movie. And above all the goons who try to kill our dear Divya never had any spare guns and always use to miss shots and our Salman would always reach out to save her wherever she might be.
A total confusion for me was this why her friend ditched her within no seconds of time? Suddenly while embracing Salman at the end she realized what a ruff tuff guy. He’ll be my bodyguard forever let that Divya ruin in hell!!!!  😀   (sarcasm intended). Okay lets forget this. But do we get to hear any romance between Chhaya and Lovely Singh(the bodyguard) on the phone(promoting Blackberry, guess that was more important :P) And Tupperware sure had good time while it was being promoted in the movie. Sunami actually shouted the name for 20 odd times. Anyone seen calling bus Tupperware. Wonder what has happened to the advertising people. Come on, the audience is not that stupid.
Lets end it yaar. Simple I didn’t like the movie, but that is my personal opinion, no grudges from Sallu’s fans. Please spare me!!!!  😛
Next I’m desperately waiting for “Mausam” .. Loved Shahid’s mustache, rocking and Sonam was lovely as well. Best Wishes to the movie. And forget to mention going to DLF Emporio for the Fashion Night Out on 10th September. Check out on Facebook and Twitter if anyone is interested. Everything is on the house. See you guys there.
CYA for now. Write again soon..

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Memories with RAKSHA   Leave a comment

I was working for this NGO during my MBA and this its been a great experience that i have illustrated below. Do read. When I joined Raskha, I never thought it would become so close to me that I would write this note to it.

There was a time when I use to think NGOs are just another substitute for alms. Many NGOs run on charity out of which 60% is used into so called administration and other expenses and rest for the real cause for which the charity is actually demanded. Now I wonder why people want to start an NGO. Jokes apart, so having this perception in my mind still I filled the membership form for Raksha, a youth based NGO for cruelty on animals. I was perplexed about the whole idea of being a part of this youth team. But I can say after 17 months with Raksha, I have had a wonderful time, not only while on field but also during our long sessions and meeting. I have noted people have a tendency to discuss a lot rather than actually implementing it. My first meeting of Raksha was at the office at Green Park. I was with my dear friend Shikha. There I met Raksha’s President, Rohit Gangwal, in his casual clothes (I hope all the members got it) greeted us at door. I was little apprehensive about what am I doing but was adamant to do something for a social cause so I composed myself and had my seat. There I met Anoop Poonia(Head of Rajasthan, IYCN) and it was a pleasure. All the meetings that we had in past, all the brainstorming we did, all the hard work we put in has paid of and now Raksha is a well known NGO in Jaipur.

I learnt a lot during this journey and I want to thank all the members who have been sweet and patient. Reminiscing those graceful moments make me smile and think of the wonderful events that I was part of. The birding fairs, Makar Sakrant, rescues, etc. I remember the first time I saw snake, a red sand boa, in Jhalana forest area was an awesome experience and holding it in bare hands was enthralling.


How can I forget cobra rescue? Pramod, Kamal, Smita, Bhawna, Aanchal and I were gone to this snake rescue. Pramod, a rescue expert, was the only one among us who had a real experience of handling the cobra. I can even express my feelings of excitement, fear and ecstasy. It would be an understatement if I said I was scared, I sensed a pulsating sense of danger when the cobra was actually in sight from under the pile of bricks and that was the moment all of us froze. But only for a moment not long, then we got into action dragged ourselves to a safe distance. Pramod came into a swift moment and bravely held the snake and safely put into the snake bag with help of Kamal. It was an experience of lifetime when the snake hissed and showed us his hood. He was an agile snake I must say, wasn’t ready to give up. Then as always is done the snake was released in Jhalana that day itself.


There are many moments like these, I could write a whole book on that. People who have a will to help animals should join Raksha because after volunteering for a social cause I feel proud of myself that I had done something better with my life by helping the speechless creatures and also in return have learnt a lot from this organization. Hope raksha grows to other cities as well and keep up the good work. It’s not a farewell note because with raksha there is no goodbye. I will always be in touch with it.



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Sunday is Funday!!!!!   Leave a comment

With the end of this week, stress was real-time high. Wanted some rest and have peace of my mind. But Saturday was total waste of time. Maid was on holiday and wow I was actually busy washing my dishes and clothes. What a lovely weekend!!! 😛

But nevertheless, Sunday was great. Spend time with a nice friend, had great evening. At the end of the day everything was at place. Wished the day would have went longer then i might be able to enjoy and have fun. This time I really need a nice weekend. Today, possibly going to watch Bodyguard with friends. And hopefully today evening I am gonna have lots of laugh…

Anyway nothing more to write. So bidding you adieu..

CYA and I am keeping my promise to stay focus… 😀




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TO MY LOVE   Leave a comment

When i see you
i look beyond the stars
i feel the wind around
i miss a beat or two
i tend to forget myself
i donno when i’ll see you next
but all i wish right now
is to be with you
when you are not with me
i see you in the sky
i see you in the sunshine
i see you in the moonlight
i see you through the window
i see you everywhere
i just remember the way you touched me
kissed me … loved me
i have been tied to you through the thread of “LOVE”
i miss you from the deepness of my soul
i wonder why i miss you
why i love you so much
buit its beyond my control
as once you said that
one day i’ll lose my mind
yes, i accept i have lost my mind
and i know i love you
and will love you forever
you make me smile
i want my smile back
i want you back
coz i wane see you all my life.

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